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Communicating with Animals

Animals communicate mainly through body language. They will visibly display certain gestures or move body parts in a specific way to send a particular message. 

Here are a few examples: 

What are these horses saying?

Photo 1:
The ears are pinned back, and that means “watch out, I’m mad!”.
It would be wise to pay attention to this because horses are large animals and can do some damage if they’re angry enough.

Photo 2:

The ears are slightly forward which indicates that that animal is alert and paying attention to what is in front of them.

Photos 3 & 4:

Both horses ears are forward, but there is a distinct difference … can you see it? Their eyes are closed. Which means they are relaxed and feeling comfortable.

What are these dogs saying?

Photo 1:
This is an image that people often don’t recognize. The dog is looking up, but you can also see the whites of its eyes. In behavior world, this is often referred to as “whale eye”. This indicates a dog who feels threatened and fearful, and doesn’t want to look away because they still want to keep an eye on the situation around them.

Photos 2 & 3:

There could be a whole blog written about dog tails (hmm … stay tuned for that!), but for now, we will focus on just one aspect of the tail. In photo 2, this dog is holding its tail high which means they are on alert, and his mouth is tightly closed. If you look further at the entire body, you will see that it’s leaning forward, and this dog is determined. In photo 3, this dog too has its tail held high and upright as the dog in the first photo, but again, there is a visible different – the dog is lying down! Which of course, could indicate they’re tired from a fun day running on the beach, but the mouth is open and relaxed, so to me, this looks like one happy dog!

What are these cats saying?

If tails could talk! When it comes to the felines, they actually really do! Cats use their tails differently than dogs and the position of the tail designates how they are feeling.

Photo 1:
A tail held high and upright as shown in the first photo indicates a cat who is comfortable and confident.

Photo 2:

In the 2nd photo, the tail is pointing downward which is basically the opposite of photo #1. So, “watch out!” because that cat is unhappy or simply in a bad mood, so it’s best to leave them alone.

Photo 3:
In photo #3, the tail is pointed downward and also puffed up. There is another telltale sign as well, the back is arched up into a ‘C’ shape. This cat feels threatened and is fearful. The extra puffiness is also used to help them look bigger and perhaps appear more intimidating to whatever it is that is making them uncomfortable.

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