For those of us who have dogs, we’ve probably all pondered this question? “How often should you wash your dog?”  Interestingly, it may not be as often as you think.

If your dog is outside a lot or likes to roll in stinky stuff, like mine do, then you may be pulling out the shampoo and towels more regularly. But this is mostly to save your olfactory sense from working overboard. Your dog thinks they smell wonderful! “Why wouldn’t everyone want to be covered in this smelly stuff?!”

Dogs need some of the natural oils in their skin to protect their coats and skin from drying out and becoming irritated. Unless your dog has an underlying skin condition or a specific type of coat, a good rule of thumb is to bathe your dog once per month.

Over-bathing’ can actually cause natural protective oils to be stripped from the skin which are essential to help waterproof your dog’s coat, which help to provide better insulation from wind, cold, and other elements.

It is advised to always use a good quality shampoo made specifically for dogs, as their skin is much more sensitive than ours, and requires a gentler product. Human shampoo can be too harsh and cause irritation for your dog’s skin.

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