With record-breaking temperatures hitting so many cities around the world, it is so important to keep your animals hydrated. Providing fresh, cool water throughout the day will help to achieve this. Dropping some ice cubes in the bowl or bucket will aid in keeping the water nice and icy. In fact, one of our dogs thinks it’s great fun play with ice cubes and slide them around on the floor and patio. He hasn’t yet figured out why after a few tosses and pushes, that it mysteriously seems to disappear!

A good general rule of thumb is that for each pound of weight for your dog or cat, they need 1 ounce of water.

For example:
•10 lb. cat needs 10 oz. of water
•35 lb. dog needs 35 oz. of water
•80 lb. dog needs 80 oz. of water

Horses are slightly different because they are mainly outdoor animals and are better adapted to the heat. Horses sweat through their skin which creates an evaporative cooling effect and assists in their ability to stay cooler than domestic animals.

An idle, inactive horse in a cool environment will normally drink 6 – 10 gallons per day. In a hot environment, this amount will likely change and increase to about 15 gallons per day. Working and exercising horses require 10 – 18 gallons per day. But again, in warmer weather, they will require much more.

There are many types of self-watering products that can provide a continuous flow of water, but it is still a wise plan to constantly check the unit to ensure it is functioning properly, and also to make sure the water is staying cool. Tepid and warm water in hotter temperatures is a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms that can be very unhealthy and possibly dangerous to your animal if ingested.

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