I’m proud of the relationships I’ve built over the years collaborating with people from all around the world, with all types of animals.
I am extremely grateful for their words of support.

“Linda communicated with all seven furry members (horses, goats, dogs and a cat) of my family. She accurately described each of their personalities, and also pointed out some minor health concerns, which I appreciated. There was humor, too, as when one of my dogs called another one a “firecracker” rather unexpectedly. I highly recommend Linda!

Mary Lou C.

“Admittedly, I was somewhat of a skeptic when it came to this Animal Communication stuff. When LB approached me to ask if she could use my horse as a candidate for one of her case studies, I said, “sure why not?” I had nothing to lose. Well, let me tell you, I was blown away from the information she got. She didn’t know much about my horse other than his name and age and the other animals he lives with (2 other horses and a barn cat). It was clear that LB had definitely connected with my Guru Guy (yes, that’s really his name).  Alright, I’m a believer!”

Brad K.

Linda communicated with my donkeys who I recently adopted. Wow! She described their personality traits exactly and provided me with helpful information for going forward and building my relationship with them as well as working with them. Her connection to them and her advice to me was so valuable because it gave me a course of action to follow which proved to be a safe and productive one. I am so thankful for her guidance!”

 Mary B.

“The information LB gets from my poodles when she communicates with them is always spot-on! Her love for all animals and her ability to open to their internal world are truly medicines to heal our human world.”

 Lisa B.